WiresX use on all CARS systems

Please review and understand our rules for using the WiresX

Conditions of use for CARS WiresX systems

Each CARS repeater is fed with its own WiresX connection. To use the CARS WiresX connection you MUST FIRST call out on the system and ask if any one needs use of the repeater (State the frequency or name of the site you intend to use) If you do not receive any objection then you are free to manipulate the node where you like. The node will automatically disconnect and return to the Nevada 21676 room after 10 minutes of inactivity by the user.


Please note that as control operators see fit some nodes and/or users may get locked out if system abuse is detected.

Nodes like 21080 Americas Link is locked out on all CARS repeaters unless specially requested for some specific reason. These ultra busy nodes that have little over-site on how they are operated, become hard to control and disconnect from when problems arise so we remove them from use. 


Further we do not provide these nodes for you to sit and listen to others use the radio. These repeater systems are very expensive to install and maintain. Listening to others communicate uses up valuable time on finals that can be saved for longer useage of the system, and less strain on our wallets as WE have to fix them, not you. Please use a Hotspot or enable your radio for use in the PDN mode if you'd like to sit an listen to others talk. 


Absolutely NO LINKING of any kind is permitted to any CARS system that is not in direct control of one of the CARS control operators. If you wish to link to one of our repeaters please contact us FIRST so we may review the proposal.


If you do not agree to the terms of our WiresX use on CARS Fusion systems, please do not use our system.

Wires-X Room 21676  

DMR  Brandmeister 3132351




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